Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 9th-19th

April 19th

We went to the Beale Airshow today. I was a great day! Ian is still talking about the planes...Sean too! lol It was the best we have had in a very long time!

April 18th
I have been trying to organize my craft room lately. I finally finished sort ALL my paper! The printed paper is in the trays on the peg board and sorted by color. I use my new Lyrical Letter Cricut cartridge for the labels. And the the solid cardstock and scrap paper are in accordian files. Soooo much easier to find stuff now!

April 17th
Ian and I went to the park today with Megan, Sean and Kaitlyn. We had a great time even thought the boys fight like brothers! Note to self...Bring two of everything! LOL This is a pic of Sean reminding Ian that "remember what your mom said, you need to share" It was too funny!

April 16th
Yet another reminder that I need to get a lock for my makeup drawer! He found my brand new mineral powder. Good thing it wasn't the expensive stuff. Oh and he is not rying because he has it all over him, but because I wanted to take his picture!

April 15th
This is Ian's new favorite thing to do...build a "tower" in my room. He brings ALL of the pillows and blankets from around the house and puts them in a pile to watch his shows. He is so proud of himself.

April 14th
We went to Wacky Taky again today. This time we went with Laura, Madeline and Gloria. We almost had the whole place to ourselves except for the three bratty boys whose mother's didn't care that they were bullying our kids. But other than that the kids had a great time!

April 13th
I had to drop my car off to get the window fixed so I thought I would take Ian across the street to John's Incredible Pizza. My mom met us there and we had the best time! Ian loves the football game just like his daddy. Look at that arm!

April 12th
HAPPY EASTER! What a fun morning! The Easter Bunny hid the eggs out in the backyard this year. Ian had a blast finding the eggs and especially eating the chocolate from his Easter basket!

April 11th
We had a busy day today. We went to the Wheatland and Lincoln Easter egghunts. Ian found lots of eggs, but his favorite part was peeling the shells off. then we dyed eggs after his nap. He had so much fun. Look at all the cool bugs he made. He was so proud of them.

April 10th
I went to lunch with Jenica and her kids today after MOMs. We went to Chipolte. The company was great! And the food was ok. I hade a chicken salad. Next time I think I will stick with a burrito.

April 9th
Ian got a hold of my camera again today. He loves to floowing Diablo around trying to take his picture. This one isn't too bad! We may have a photographer on our hands.


  1. great photos. Looks like you guys are having fun. I really like the one with Ian and your mineral makeup. That is something my youngest would have done.

  2. Love your blog! Welcome the world of blogging! They should issue warnings with these things that say how addictive they can become!LOL


  3. I am so enjoying your blog. Wonderful pictures and so great that you are sharing them with us.


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