Friday, August 14, 2009

August 1st-15th

August 15th
Manny and Courtney got married today! The wedding was wonderful. I cannot believe Manny is actually married! I wish them the all the best!

August 14th

My hubby bought me roses today. What a nice surprise!

August 13th
My first dentist appointment in almost 5 years! No cavities! YAY!!!

August 12th

My child insists on running around half naked all the time now that he is potty trained! But he is awfully cute in his broncos gear :)

August 11th
Here is the flower that I made for our MOMs table at the Beth Moore simulcast at Megan's church. I cannot tell you how easy it was!

August 10th

Ian's first dentist appointment was today. He was such a good boy. The dentist just counted his teeth and looked around his mouth. My baby has 20 teeth!

August 9th
Here are the invitations for Ian's 3rd birthday party. We are doing a safari theme this year. Should be fun!

August 8th

After the scrapbook expo, Laura and I went to a shop in Sunnyvale called Cranberry Hill. It used to be just a craft consignment store years ago, but now they carry card making and scrapbooking supplies too. These are some cards they had on display.

August 7th

Laura and I at our very first scrapbook crop! We didn't get much done, but we sure had a lot of fun!

August 6th
I was on my way to the bay area today so Grandma and Grandpa took Ian to the Sacramento Zoo. Would you look at the resemblance?!?! LOL

August 5th

I came home from running errands to find my guys hanging out in the hot tub together. They are so cute!

August 4th

Megan and I took the kids to Wacky Tacky today. The boys took a break to have a snack before heading back to playing.

August 3rd
Sean brought out the crash and go race track so he could play with Ian after work. That track cracks Ian up all the time!

August 2nd

This is actually a picture from the 1st, but we had two big events yesterday that I decided to split it up. We went to the SSI company summer party. We had a great time. I think Ian was in the pool ALL day!

August 1st

Today we all went to Megan's house to celebrate Kaitlyn's birthday. Doesn't she look adorable in her birthday dress!?!?!

July 16th-31st

July 31st
I spent the day at Megan's house making this cake for Kaitlyn's 1st birthday party. I think I came out quite well for two novice fondant decorators. It tasted good and that is all that matters!

July 30th

Look at this bowl of vege's that came from our garden! The tomatoes are absolutely delicious! I think salads and tomato sandwiches are in our future. lol

July 29th

Just a picture of my sweet boy. He is getting so big!

July 28th

We went to Laura's today for a playdate. Laura let the kids make their own pizzas. They had a great time!

July 27th

Ian brought me my camera this morning and insisted that I take a picture of him with Dida. Diablo was not very cooperative, but Ian had a great time trying to wrestle Dida into the picture.

July 26th
We found a praying mantis in our backyard! I was so surprised that Ian actually held it! I think I am in trouble!

July 25th
Look how adorable Ian and Christian are! They sat in Ian's chair for forever playing theTransformer game on Christian's DS. And thanks to Christian, Ian is now obsessed with Transformers.

July 24th
Sean's mom, step-dad and nephew came to visit for a few days. I decided to take both the boys to my moms group to give Grandma and Grandpa a break. The boys had a great time playing in the water area.

July 23rd
Here is the birthday card I made for Kaitlyn's 1st birthday. (the pic does not do it justice) Her mommy did a princess party and I couldn't resist the .cut file that
Susan Edwards published at Custom Crops. It is my most favorite card that I have ever made. Thanks to Susan for her great talent!

July 22nd

Here is one of the thank you cards I made for my birthday gifts. I got the .cut file off the Cricut message boards. Those ladies are so talented!

July 21st
Laura, Glenn and I took the kiddos to the Wiggles concert at Arco Arena today. We had the best seats! As you can see the kids were able to dance in the aisles. It was lots of fun!

July 20th

I had my Pampered Chef party today. We had the yummiest Chicken Club Pizza. Thanks to Aslan for coming all the way out here to do a show and to all my friends and family that came to eat and chit chat!

July 19th

We were leaving church today and the city was having the annual Fireman's Muster. Right near where we parked was this old firetruck. Ian loved it!

July 18th
Today was Ashley's baby shower. She is looking great! I can't wait to meet her sweet baby girl, Ryan.

July 17th

Here is Ian bowling at John's Incredible Pizza. They are pretty cool glow in the dark lanes. He loves bowling!

July 16th

Here is the card that I made for Laura's birthday. I think it is cute!

July 1st- 15th

July 15th
I found a fabulous cupcake place! It is called Icing on the Cupcake They make the yummiest goodies! Each day they have a new set of flavors. I need to stay away! LOL But this was a treat after my endocrinologist appointment today. The nodule on my thyroid is benign! YAY!

July 14th
Ian and I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Marine World) with Laura, Madeline and Gloria today. Boy was it HOT! We had a great time as always!

July 13th

Here is the baby shower gift I made for Ashley. It is a plastic cake carrier that I decorated with vinyl cut out on my Cricut. And on the inside is a "cake" made from baby blankets and clothes. I love how it turned out!

July 12th

Ian and his best friend, Dida (aka Diablo) And we were worried that the cat and Ian wouldn't get along!

July 11th
It must be a week of Ian's photography. He seems to get his hands on my camera more and more often. Here is daddy talking on the phone.

July 10th

Another day at McDonald's play place. We went to a new one today and Ian was so excited that they had a fooseball table.

July 9th

Ian is getting better at taking pictures. Here is just another one of his favorite subjects LOL

July 8th
I had my thyroid biopsy today. Not fun, but it is done and over. I should have the results by tomorrow.

July 7th

Here is a pic of Ian and Gloria being silly. Aren't they cute!

July 6th
I colored my hair today. I have only colored my hair twice in my whole life...once I went darker, yuck! and once I had lowlights put in. As I get older my hair gets darker. So, I am trying to go blond again. I love it! Guess I will have to start dying my hair regularly now!

July 5th

How does this child get so messy all the time!?!?! Here is his milk mustache AND beard!

July 4th
Today is my birthday! We are having some friends and family over for a BBQ and they we are gong to the park to watch the fireworks tonight.

July 3rd

We went to Mia's birthday party today. All the kids in the neighborhood are turning 3. I cannot believe how fast they grow up!

July 2nd
Megan and I were going to take the kids to see Curious George at the free family movies, but they changed the movie on us! So we decided to rent Wow, Wow Wubbzy and head over to Megan's house and let the boys play and have their own movie day

July 1st
It is a good thing Ian like to take pictures or I may not be able to do this 365 project! I have been really bad about taking pics. So here is yet another feet picture. Aren't his toes cute!

June 16th-30th

June 30th
Ian and I went to Laura's mom's house to do a little swimming today. The kids had a great time playing and splashing around. I am so glad they all get along now (for the most part LOL)

June 29th

Another day a gymnastics with our friend Emily. Not sure what was so interesting outside, but I thought it was a cute picture.

June 28th

Now I am starting the final book in the Twilight series. I cannot believe I waited so long to read them. I am going to be sad when I am done with this one!

June 27th
We went to Sean's dad's house today to drop off some things that we were storing for him. Here is Ian and Grandpa playing cars in the garage.

June 26th

Why does my son love to take pictures of his own feet?!?! Well, here is a picture of his favorite shoes EVER!

June 25th
Another Ian photo. He loves to turn the camera around and take pics of his eye. Silly boy!

June 24th
Anyone need baskets? I have a TON of them and I am trying to get out of my craft room. I think I am going to put them on craigslist and see if someone will take them all.

June 23rd

Laura and I took the kids to the Roseville Aquatic Complex today. It is so cool! They have a play structure in the water! The only problem was that the water was sooooooo cold. After the kids got used to it they didn't seem to mind.

June 22nd

I am sure this is more than you wanted to see of me, but here is a picture of the rash I have. I am 99.9% sure it is Pseudomonas folliculitis which I most likely got from the city swimming pool. Although they claim that the water is fine. Ian and I both have this rash and it is only where our swimsuits were. Needless to say we are not returning to swim lessons :(

June 21st

Here is the Father's Day card I made for Ian to give to Sean. I found it on the Cricut message board. I think it is just the cutest thing ever!

June 20th
I am just about done with the third book in the Twilight series. Can't wait to start the last one!

June 19th
Ian is taking swim lessons this summer with the city. I have to say they are not the best lessons, but Ian seems to enjoy floating around. I HAVE to make some of these floaties!

June 18th

I found this bike trailer on craigslist for $40! I am hoping to start riding my bike more. We are taking it for a spin to swim lessons tomorrow.

June 17th
We rearranged the backyard after we bought the BBQ kitchen so Sean has been rewiring the hot tub in its new location. Ian was "helping" Daddy by making rockets out of the wire nuts LOL He was so proud of himself!

June 16th

We decided to meet with Laura and the girls once a week during the summer. This is a picture of Ian after a day with our friends and no nap! We had a great time!

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