Friday, August 14, 2009

August 1st-15th

August 15th
Manny and Courtney got married today! The wedding was wonderful. I cannot believe Manny is actually married! I wish them the all the best!

August 14th

My hubby bought me roses today. What a nice surprise!

August 13th
My first dentist appointment in almost 5 years! No cavities! YAY!!!

August 12th

My child insists on running around half naked all the time now that he is potty trained! But he is awfully cute in his broncos gear :)

August 11th
Here is the flower that I made for our MOMs table at the Beth Moore simulcast at Megan's church. I cannot tell you how easy it was!

August 10th

Ian's first dentist appointment was today. He was such a good boy. The dentist just counted his teeth and looked around his mouth. My baby has 20 teeth!

August 9th
Here are the invitations for Ian's 3rd birthday party. We are doing a safari theme this year. Should be fun!

August 8th

After the scrapbook expo, Laura and I went to a shop in Sunnyvale called Cranberry Hill. It used to be just a craft consignment store years ago, but now they carry card making and scrapbooking supplies too. These are some cards they had on display.

August 7th

Laura and I at our very first scrapbook crop! We didn't get much done, but we sure had a lot of fun!

August 6th
I was on my way to the bay area today so Grandma and Grandpa took Ian to the Sacramento Zoo. Would you look at the resemblance?!?! LOL

August 5th

I came home from running errands to find my guys hanging out in the hot tub together. They are so cute!

August 4th

Megan and I took the kids to Wacky Tacky today. The boys took a break to have a snack before heading back to playing.

August 3rd
Sean brought out the crash and go race track so he could play with Ian after work. That track cracks Ian up all the time!

August 2nd

This is actually a picture from the 1st, but we had two big events yesterday that I decided to split it up. We went to the SSI company summer party. We had a great time. I think Ian was in the pool ALL day!

August 1st

Today we all went to Megan's house to celebrate Kaitlyn's birthday. Doesn't she look adorable in her birthday dress!?!?!


  1. Great pics. Thanks for stopping by my lil corner of the blog world. I would love the instructions on those flowers you made, if you have them.



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