Friday, August 14, 2009

July 1st- 15th

July 15th
I found a fabulous cupcake place! It is called Icing on the Cupcake They make the yummiest goodies! Each day they have a new set of flavors. I need to stay away! LOL But this was a treat after my endocrinologist appointment today. The nodule on my thyroid is benign! YAY!

July 14th
Ian and I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Marine World) with Laura, Madeline and Gloria today. Boy was it HOT! We had a great time as always!

July 13th

Here is the baby shower gift I made for Ashley. It is a plastic cake carrier that I decorated with vinyl cut out on my Cricut. And on the inside is a "cake" made from baby blankets and clothes. I love how it turned out!

July 12th

Ian and his best friend, Dida (aka Diablo) And we were worried that the cat and Ian wouldn't get along!

July 11th
It must be a week of Ian's photography. He seems to get his hands on my camera more and more often. Here is daddy talking on the phone.

July 10th

Another day at McDonald's play place. We went to a new one today and Ian was so excited that they had a fooseball table.

July 9th

Ian is getting better at taking pictures. Here is just another one of his favorite subjects LOL

July 8th
I had my thyroid biopsy today. Not fun, but it is done and over. I should have the results by tomorrow.

July 7th

Here is a pic of Ian and Gloria being silly. Aren't they cute!

July 6th
I colored my hair today. I have only colored my hair twice in my whole life...once I went darker, yuck! and once I had lowlights put in. As I get older my hair gets darker. So, I am trying to go blond again. I love it! Guess I will have to start dying my hair regularly now!

July 5th

How does this child get so messy all the time!?!?! Here is his milk mustache AND beard!

July 4th
Today is my birthday! We are having some friends and family over for a BBQ and they we are gong to the park to watch the fireworks tonight.

July 3rd

We went to Mia's birthday party today. All the kids in the neighborhood are turning 3. I cannot believe how fast they grow up!

July 2nd
Megan and I were going to take the kids to see Curious George at the free family movies, but they changed the movie on us! So we decided to rent Wow, Wow Wubbzy and head over to Megan's house and let the boys play and have their own movie day

July 1st
It is a good thing Ian like to take pictures or I may not be able to do this 365 project! I have been really bad about taking pics. So here is yet another feet picture. Aren't his toes cute!

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  1. Christi, I hope your thyroid test results were good. cool picture.
    I'm putting on weight just looking at those cupcakes, lol
    Ian is growing so much.


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