Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 16th-23rd

May 23rd
Here is another picture of our backyard since Sean dug it all up. As you can see the grass seed is not growing very well. So we decided to get a quote for a putting green. Can you believe it would cost $3200 for some fake grass! I guess we will just have to fix what we have.

May 22nd
These are the thank you gifts I made for the child care workers at Ian's school. Aren't they just the cutest things! I need to make one for myself so I always have a calendar and notepad with me.

May 21st
I was at Costco the other day and saw that Nintendo can out with a new fitness game for the Wii. It is Wii Active Personal Trainer. I love it! With eating right and working out with this game I have lost 5 pounds! And as you can see Ian loves it too!

May 20th
My sister moved to Vancouver, WA today :( My mom, Ian and I met her in Vacaville for breakfast on here way up there. I know she is going to love it and do great, but we are going to miss her!

May 19th
My creative genius at work LOL I was cleaning my craft room and Ian was watching his shows in the weight room, or so I thought. He had found the pvc pipes in the craft room and proceeded to make his own work of art. Not quite sure what it is supposed to be, but it is interesting!

May 18th
My son is in LOVE! He is completely infatuated with his friend Emily in his gymnastics class! Here they are hugging in the tunnel. I guess we can call it the tunnel of love now LOL

May 17th
I am so excited! I found a way to organize my ribbon! One of the local scrapbook stores went out of business and were selling the sticker roll holders for $2 each! I picked up 5 of them and they are perfect for my huge Costco ribbon too! I LOVE it!

May 16th
Ian is starting to draw portraits of people he knows. While I think it is exciting and wonderful, I was very suprise at the level of detail in his drawings. I have added a labeled copy of my portait on the right which includes eyes, ears, mouth, BOOBIES and BRA!!! It is hard to make out, but if you look close you can actually see all the detail LOL

May 11th-15th

May 15th
I finally finished Twilight and I was out shopping and found New Moon for $7 at Marshall's. I have already started reading it and I am loving this one too!

May 14th
Well I had a doctors appointment last week and my labs weren't so great. So I am trying very hard to eat better and excerise. So here is my huge bowl of salad for the week that I am almost finished with.

May 13th
Grandma came over to go to gymnastics with us today. But before we could go we had to take a horsey ride on Grandma. They are too funny!

May 12th
This is Ian's plant that he made at school last Friday. It is already sprouting and in need of a haircut!

May 11th
Sean fixed the volume issue with our 36 inch TV! YAY! It has only been sitting in our room for 6 months or so, since Ian sprayed all the buttons with Windex! So now we have a tv, speakers and a receiver in our room. Oh, and my Tivo!

Friday, May 15, 2009

May 1st-10th

May 10th
Happy mother's day. Nothing too exciting happened today. I did go visit my mom which is always nice. Here is the card I made for my mom.

May 9th
We took Ian to Golfland to miniature golf today. He ad a great time. The only problem was the heat! It was about 90 degrees out! But it was a lot of family fun!

May 8th
OMGoodness! You have to try these cinnamon rolls! I found the recipe on The Pioneer Woman's blog and made them for my MOMs group (and my mom, neighbor and myself! makes ALOT!) And as the Pioneer Woman says "These are NOT non-caloric" LOL

May 7th
Sean has been off this week so we decided to do some fun family stuff. We took Ian bowling for the first time. He absolutely loved it! And what was so cool is that they have automatic bumpers that only go up when it was Ian's turn! (thanks for the heads up Megan!) We will definiatly we bowling again soon.

May 6th
Ian is taking gymnastics still and he has a new friend, Emily. I have a new friend too, Emily's mom, Chrystie. The kids are just adorable together. I think it is love! LOL

May 5th
I had to go get another ultrasound of my thyroid today. The tech couldn't tell me much, but it doesn't look like anything has changed since the last ultrasound. That is good. I go back to my doctor on May 26th to get the official results. (And yes, I know this picture looks funky. It is because I forgot to take a picture and photoshopped my head on to someone getting an ultrasound of their thyroid. LOL Hey, whatever works!)

May 4th
Here are the Mother's Day cards that I made for Sean's mom and sister. I hope they like them. I know I do!

May 3rd
I really need to keep my camera in a better place so Ian can't get a hold of it! Here is another Ian photo of my computer. It is of new digital stamp club that I joined called the pcHugClub.

May 2nd
Sean got a new fish tank. He upgraded from the 55 gallon to a 100 gallon tank! I hope we are done with the upgrades. lol But seriously, it is a beautiful tank.

May 1st
Happy 5th Anniversary to us! I cannot believe we have been married for five years already. We went to McCormick and Schmicks for dinner and Ian spent the night at grandma's house. It was a a very nice night out.

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