Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 19th-31st

March 31st
I am still searching for the perfect ribbon holder. This is my latest idea...a trouser hanger. Still not my favorite, but it does hold the big Costco ribbon rolls. I have one more option to try so cross your fingers that it works!

March 30th
Remember the trench that Sean was digging to lay the electrical for the low voltage lighting in the backyard? As promised, here is a picture of the up lights Sean put in. The picture does not do then justice! I LOVE how the backyard looks now! I can't wait to put the pathway lights in too!

March 29th
You know something is going on when your child is too quiet! He got into my makeup drawer! He tried really hard to get the eye shadow on his eyes, but I may need to give him lessons if he keeps getting into it! LOL

March 28th

Sean's newest project...rearrange the garage! Ok so really it is my fault. We started talking about moving the boat into the garage and I asked "why didn't you put your work bench in the other corner of the garage?" He thought that was a great idea! So he has been working on it all weekend and he loves it.

March 27th
Look it is a bunny! Ian found the hat that Grandma made him before he was born. It looks like bunny ears, so I thought it would be a great picture for Easter. Well as you can see by the look on his face that Ian was not very cooperative!

March 26th

Here is the second attempt at my mom's flower arrangement. The real flowers already died, so I decided to make paper flowers. Now they will last forever! They took some time to make, but they turned out great. And my mom loves them! If you want to see up close pics of each flower click here

March 25th
Ian and I were playing out in the backyard and we found three grasshoppers. Ian was not so sure about them at first but I think he ended up thinking they were pretty neat. Here is my favorite picture.

March 24th
I am working on a project and Ian wanted to help so I gave him some extra flowers and a duplicate bottle of Stickles I had. I tried to explain that he didn't have to squeeze very hard, but I think that was his favorite part. I was worried they had so much on them that they would NEVER dry! But they finally did :)

March 23rd
Stamping is my newest obsession! I got so much cool stuff from the Scrapbook Expo that I wanted to make Laura a thank you card. She is the best friend ever and we had so much fun! And she liked my card too!

March 22nd
In this months "All You" magazine they had the cutest Easter flower arrangements. I knew my mom liked them so I decided to make her one. I just love it! I hope she does too!

March 21st
Just got back from the Scrapbook Expo today. Laura and I had a blast! It was so nice to get away even for just one night. It was just like the old days :) I wanted to share all the goodies that I either bought or won at the show... 7 Story Tellers Kits, adorable jungle stickers, an idea book, two sets of workshop layouts, 30 stickles, a bottle of Glossy Accents, buttons (won), Queen and Co. Sequin Elements and Jewels (free gift) and last but certainly not least, 36 Copic Sketch markers!!!! We will definitely be going again!

March 20th
Laura and I went to the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton today. There were sooooo many vendors! We got worried when it took us almost two hours to go through 5 booths! But we managed to fit everything in. Next time we might even attempt a crop!

March 19th
My mom sent me a website that had these adorable baby shoes. She thought that I could design something to cut out on my Cricut. Well sure enough I imported the pattern into Inkscape and cleaned it up. Then I imported into Sure Cuts A Lot and cut them out. They are too cute!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 12th- March 18th

March 18th
Here is my first attempt at stamping! I was so excited to buy a bunch of stamps and supplies at Target for 75% off! The card is not finished yet, but all the stamping is done and colored. I really need to get better pens if I am going to continue. Copics here I come!!!

March 17th
Happy St. Patrick's Day! When we went to Michaels yesterday Ian picked out some wooden models to put together with Daddy. Here he is waiting patiently with his planes for daddy to come put them together. He was so excited all day!

March 16th
We went to Micheals tonight to pick up a few things for the Scrap Expo I am going to this weekend. They have such a great selection in the $1 area! I resisted and only bought a few things. The ribbon is felt and is too cute! I could not believe how many clear sta

March 15th
My sister came to visit this weekend and she brought her boyfriend, Chris! They have been dating for a few months and this is the first time I have met him. He is great! And he fits right in...he was even talking politics with my Dad! It is so good to see my sister happy!

March 14th
Kai came to visit this weekend (my sister too). Ian LOVES Kai and all I can say is that Kai tolorates, but loves Ian too. Ian was showing Kai his "wobble goggles" and Kai was giving kisses :)

March 13th
Happy Friday the 13th! I am not the least bit superstitious. Most of the time it is just like any other day. Sean took today off to work on the backyard some more. Here he is in his trench. He keeps warning me that he is going to put me in it! LOL I will post pics when he is done.

March 12th
YAY!!!! I finally got my free cricut cartridges! It took FOREVER, but Provo Craft and Creative Express finally came through! Now I have to go find soemthing to make!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 7th-11th

March 11th
Today Sean decided to start putting in electrical for low voltage lighting in the backyard. I know it looks like a mess now, but I am sure it will look great once everything is finished. Hopefully we won't have any more rain until he is finished!

March 10th
My friend, Laura, and I are going to a Scrapbook Expo next weekend and I needed a portable 12 inch trimmer. I did some research and I found that quite a few people liked the Craft-Lite Cutter. It has a light so you can see where the cut will be and it comes with 6 different cutting blades. I wasn't sure I wanted to spen 19.99+ shipping, but then I read that someone found them at Big Lots for $10.00! So, needless to say my mom, Laura and I all have a new trimmer!

March 9th
Today Ian and I went to my mom and dad's. Yesterday, Ian said that he missed grandma and papa so we went for a visit. This is a picture of the water tower in my mom and dad's town. I thought it was a great picture to capture a piece of their little town.

March 8th
Ok, I know this is strange picture, but I had to share my great deal! At target they were running a deal for a free $5 gift card when you bought two Tidy Cats Litter for $10.99 each. After my coupons I only paid .99 cents for each container plus I received a $5 gift card! Now that is slick ;)

March 7th
I am so excited! I just completed my first digital scrapbook page with Photoshop CS2! I have been struggling with Photoshop, but I found a website with free kits and TUTORIALS! They made it so easy! Of course it took me forever to figure out what I wanted on the page, but once I decided it was done in a snap!

Friday, March 6, 2009

March 1st- March 6th

March 6th
Today Ian and I went to pick up a scrapbooking backpack that I found on Craigslist. After we picked it up we stopped at a park we had never been to. We played in the play area for a while, but as we were leaving we noticed a trail leading up to these huge rocks! Ian had a great time climbing on them. We will have to go back for another photo session.

March 5th
Ok, so don't laugh, but you are looking a a home made microphone stand LOL My wonderful singing sensation needed to be able to sing with the mic AND play his guitar. So I fashioned a microphone stand out of a baseball tee and bat. Hey, it works and he LOVES it!

March 4th
My new toy! I have been wanting to get one of these for a long time. I finally picked one up on my grocery trip at Walmart. I figured since I am pureeing veges to sneak into food for Ian, I better have a way to store it in the freezer. It works great! And I just read a tip online...put the food in cheap baggies and then in the vacuum bag so you can reuse the vacuum bag!

March 3rd
Look at this beautiful picture! We went to Chili's for dinner and when we were leaving the sun was out and made this gorgeous rainbow! I do have better pics of just the rainbow, but I love how this picture turned out. It reminds me of artwork you would hand on a wall!

March 2nd
Our newest addition to the family...a sebae anemone. Sean got the clown fish a couple of weeks ago and the were "loving" on all the other plants in the tank, so we decided they needed a real home. They absolutely love it, sometimes a little too much!

March 1st
Here is Ian camping out in the family room watching his shows. He really likes the tent and tunnel grandma and grandpa got him for Christmas. I actually think that Diablo likes it more :)

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