Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 7th-11th

March 11th
Today Sean decided to start putting in electrical for low voltage lighting in the backyard. I know it looks like a mess now, but I am sure it will look great once everything is finished. Hopefully we won't have any more rain until he is finished!

March 10th
My friend, Laura, and I are going to a Scrapbook Expo next weekend and I needed a portable 12 inch trimmer. I did some research and I found that quite a few people liked the Craft-Lite Cutter. It has a light so you can see where the cut will be and it comes with 6 different cutting blades. I wasn't sure I wanted to spen 19.99+ shipping, but then I read that someone found them at Big Lots for $10.00! So, needless to say my mom, Laura and I all have a new trimmer!

March 9th
Today Ian and I went to my mom and dad's. Yesterday, Ian said that he missed grandma and papa so we went for a visit. This is a picture of the water tower in my mom and dad's town. I thought it was a great picture to capture a piece of their little town.

March 8th
Ok, I know this is strange picture, but I had to share my great deal! At target they were running a deal for a free $5 gift card when you bought two Tidy Cats Litter for $10.99 each. After my coupons I only paid .99 cents for each container plus I received a $5 gift card! Now that is slick ;)

March 7th
I am so excited! I just completed my first digital scrapbook page with Photoshop CS2! I have been struggling with Photoshop, but I found a website with free kits and TUTORIALS! They made it so easy! Of course it took me forever to figure out what I wanted on the page, but once I decided it was done in a snap!

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  1. I love how your layout turned out. Can't wait to see how the lighting turns out.


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