Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 12th- March 18th

March 18th
Here is my first attempt at stamping! I was so excited to buy a bunch of stamps and supplies at Target for 75% off! The card is not finished yet, but all the stamping is done and colored. I really need to get better pens if I am going to continue. Copics here I come!!!

March 17th
Happy St. Patrick's Day! When we went to Michaels yesterday Ian picked out some wooden models to put together with Daddy. Here he is waiting patiently with his planes for daddy to come put them together. He was so excited all day!

March 16th
We went to Micheals tonight to pick up a few things for the Scrap Expo I am going to this weekend. They have such a great selection in the $1 area! I resisted and only bought a few things. The ribbon is felt and is too cute! I could not believe how many clear sta

March 15th
My sister came to visit this weekend and she brought her boyfriend, Chris! They have been dating for a few months and this is the first time I have met him. He is great! And he fits right in...he was even talking politics with my Dad! It is so good to see my sister happy!

March 14th
Kai came to visit this weekend (my sister too). Ian LOVES Kai and all I can say is that Kai tolorates, but loves Ian too. Ian was showing Kai his "wobble goggles" and Kai was giving kisses :)

March 13th
Happy Friday the 13th! I am not the least bit superstitious. Most of the time it is just like any other day. Sean took today off to work on the backyard some more. Here he is in his trench. He keeps warning me that he is going to put me in it! LOL I will post pics when he is done.

March 12th
YAY!!!! I finally got my free cricut cartridges! It took FOREVER, but Provo Craft and Creative Express finally came through! Now I have to go find soemthing to make!

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