Friday, February 27, 2009

February 16th-28th

Sorry for the extra long post this time. I have been sick for the last two weeks! YUCK! I am just starting to feel better. Good news is that I have still been taking a picture each day! Some are not the most exciting, but hey at least I remembered :)

February 28th
My mom and I look forward to this night every year! The Dessert Extravaganza! Pay $20 and get to sample all the candy, cookies, cakes and pies that you want. They have a silent and live auction too! My mom won some Cookie Lee jewelry in the silent auction and we won a trip to the Rubicon Trail for my dad and Sean in the live auction. We always have such a great time. But next year we are bidding on something for just us!

February 27th
Today my baby went to "school" If you want to know the truth, it is child care that is offered during my MOMs group. I have been thinking that Ian might need to go to preschool. So as a trial Grandma and I took him to my MOMs group today. He did GREAT! He loved it and can't wait to go back. Here he is playing with his friend Sean. And, I guess school really wears you much for lunch!

February 26th
My latest creation! I saw this idea on this blog. She actually purchased the apron die cut online. I had to take a crack at it on my Cricut. I think it is adorable! I designed it, assembled it and decorated it. Only took me all day :) But now I can probably complete one in 15 min (if I can decide on a color). Whaddaya think?

February 25th
Yep, I am sick again. This time I wish it was just that cold I had last week. No luck this time...stomach flu :| So here is a picture of the low grade temp I have been running for the last few days. Seems to be going around here though. I am starting to feel better so hopefully this is the end of it.

February 24th
I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist today. Can you believe it has been almost a year since I had surgery to fix my torn retina? Well my eye still isn't perfect, may never be, but she said that Dr. Equi did a wonderful job and it looks great. So now I don't have to go back for six months. Can you tell which eye they fixed?

February 23rd
We went to the mall with Grandma to get Aunt Ruth's watch fixed today. And she was so nice to buy us an ice cream at Dairy Queen! As you can see Ian made himself comfortable, and a mess. LOL

February 22nd
Have to thank my mom for this one! She bought me the Deceptively Delicious book. I bought a huge bags of spinach and carrots at Costco and I was determined to make something. So, here they are...brownies! And yes, they have 1/2 cup of both spinach and carrots. Well the chocolate expert (Ian) wasn't too crazy about them but Sean seemed to really liked them (he ate all but three of them!) To me they seemed to have a strange aftertaste, (can you say spinach?). But hey someone liked them!

February 21st
WooooHoooooo! I got my BzzAgent package today! I am a member of a website called Bzzagent. So you get invited to campaigns and spread the word, and coupons, about the product the marketer wants to promote. So I was invited to join the Chili's Guiltless Grill campaign. I was soooooo excited! I LOVE Chili's! They sent me 4 coupons to try their new Guiltless Grill Menu. I have not eaten anything off that menu yet, but the best thing about the menu is that everything is less than 750 calories per entree. So, you might want to try it too!

February 20th
Here are my two guys flying airplanes. Sean bought a flight simulator game so he could practice crashing, errrrr I mean flying his r/c airplane. Well now Ian loves to practice too. His only criteria is that the plane MUST have a pilot in it or he won't fly it. The boy definitely know what he wants!

February 19th
Why must he wear his hot chocolate? Yes he did it again, he found the Hershey's Syrup in the fridge and made himself some cold "hot chocolate" this time. He does love doing things by himself.

February 18th
Ian loves to "drive" my car, well any car for that matter. So this time I adjusted the seat all the way up so he could reach the steering wheel easily. He had to have his seat belt on. What a good boy. And like every car trip we take we had to have music, but not any music! It HAS to be George Strait! He knows the entire CD! I know this is supposed to be a picture-a-day, but I had to show you the video of him "driving" too.

February 17th
Ian got a new toy today thanks to Madeline and Gloria. The Crayola Glow Station! He loved it at Gloria's birthday party so of course I had to buy one. Good thing I had a gift card for Target and only paid $8.50 including shipping! I have to admit, it is pretty cool! He loves to draw circles and use the stencils. I had to take two pictures so you could see it in the light and dark. Cool huh?

February 16th
Another rainy day. We have had a very dry winter, but I think Mother Nature is trying to make up for it this week! We need it, but I am ready for summer!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feruary 10th-15th

February 15th
Well here is my new project. As you can see I have already completed a hat and I am now working on a matching scarf. I am having so much fun!

February 14th
Happy Valentine's Day! I mad Ian a "mom inspired" breakfast. My mom used to make all kinds of themed breakfasts on holidays. My sister and I love it and Ian loved it too! He kept saying that he loved his valentine.
(I told you he loves his hat Grandma made!)

February 13th
I have always wanted to learn to knit or crochet, but I am definitely not that coordinated. My niece Rebekah was working on a scarf with a loom and my mom and I thought, we can do that! Although my nephew Justin says it is cheating LOL So my mom bought a set of looms at Walmart and here is her first project. Ian loves it!

February 12th
Here is a cocoa dispenser I made with my Cricut and a file from very talented Carla on the Cricut DS message board. I plan to take it to my MOMs group since I am supposed to bring Hot Chocolate on Friday. I might have to make a matching tea dispenser too.

February 11th
So, if you don't have a neti pot I suggest you go out and get one! What is a neti pot, you ask? It is a natural way to clean out your sinuses. I am getting a cold and I decided to bring out the neti pot. I have to admit that if feels strange, but it works wonders!!

February 10th
I had to share a picture of my new gadet for my printer. It is called a Continous Ink System (CIS). I bought mine on eBay, but they have a website too...Earth Ink Jet. You have a resorvoir outside of the printer that is refilled. The best thing is that it holds so much more ink that the regular cartridges...4oz vs. 1/2oz! It cost about $100, but you get about $800 worth of ink! I love it! (I guess I should have dusted the printer before taking the picture LOL)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 5th-9th

February 9th
This is a spice rack that my mom and I found at Wise Buys. It is perfect for my scrapbook embellishments! I have my buttons, paper flowers, very small die-cuts and homemade skittles (AKA- baubles, dew drops or decorative accents). My mom was right, I should have gotten another one. (or five) LOL

February 8th
Ian and I went to Gloria's Birthday Party. She turned 2 on Jan. 30th. I love this picture! Take a look at her feet. She is sitting on the chair and holding the present with her feet while she opens it. Too cute. She looked adorable in all of her dress up clothes too!

February 7th
I was so worried about how the cat would react once Ian was born, but this just goes to show you how tolerant Diablo really is. Ian loves "Dida" so much. He goes around saying "Dida is my friend". It is just too cute!

February 6th
I bought a few mailboxes from Target's Dollar Spot. I altered a few of them as Valentine's gifts for Madeline, Gloria and Ian. They are not finished in this picture, so I will take a pic of Ian opening his on Saturday. I completely forgot to take pictures of the girl's mailboxes. I will have to have Laura take some pics for me.

February 5th
I made my famous chicken philly sandwiches today (Mom, don't worry I will make you some too). Sean had a hard day at work so when he got home his was waiting for him on the table...along with Koolaid (thanks Terri! I owe you a container) and a bottle of Vodka. I was a little worried it would taste like cough syrup, but Sean said it was pretty tasty!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 1st-4th

February 4th
A little "Risky Business" going on at our house! I was changing his diaper and he said "I want
to be nekky" So needless to say, here he is running around the house with no pants on. But you have to admit he is pretty adorable!

February 3rd
I took Ian to get a real haircut today. Ever since his meltdown at his first hair cut over a year ago, I have just been cutting it myself. I finally convinced him that he was a big boy and could go to the store to get it cut. He did so good. Not one tear shed. I am so proud of him! And doesn't he look handsome?

February 2nd
Here is a picture of the first page of my Project 365 Scrapbook. It is not finished, but I worked so hard on it today that I thought I would share. It is a lot of work, but I think it is turning out good.

February 1st
My two guys watching the Superbowl. Too cute! We stayed home this year and had a lazy day around the house. We bundled up on the couch and watched the Steelers win. It was a very good game.

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