Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 5th-9th

February 9th
This is a spice rack that my mom and I found at Wise Buys. It is perfect for my scrapbook embellishments! I have my buttons, paper flowers, very small die-cuts and homemade skittles (AKA- baubles, dew drops or decorative accents). My mom was right, I should have gotten another one. (or five) LOL

February 8th
Ian and I went to Gloria's Birthday Party. She turned 2 on Jan. 30th. I love this picture! Take a look at her feet. She is sitting on the chair and holding the present with her feet while she opens it. Too cute. She looked adorable in all of her dress up clothes too!

February 7th
I was so worried about how the cat would react once Ian was born, but this just goes to show you how tolerant Diablo really is. Ian loves "Dida" so much. He goes around saying "Dida is my friend". It is just too cute!

February 6th
I bought a few mailboxes from Target's Dollar Spot. I altered a few of them as Valentine's gifts for Madeline, Gloria and Ian. They are not finished in this picture, so I will take a pic of Ian opening his on Saturday. I completely forgot to take pictures of the girl's mailboxes. I will have to have Laura take some pics for me.

February 5th
I made my famous chicken philly sandwiches today (Mom, don't worry I will make you some too). Sean had a hard day at work so when he got home his was waiting for him on the table...along with Koolaid (thanks Terri! I owe you a container) and a bottle of Vodka. I was a little worried it would taste like cough syrup, but Sean said it was pretty tasty!


  1. Love the spice rack Idea. And I wish I would have gotten me some of those mailboxes at Target. maybe next yr. Yours came out so cute. Your daughter is adorable.

  2. Great pictures Christi.
    I totally love the creativity of Gloria to control her present while she opens it. :)
    Diable and Ian look like best friends. So cute.

  3. super pics - and your lil one is adorable
    love the spice rack - I think I "need" one or two of those


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