Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feruary 10th-15th

February 15th
Well here is my new project. As you can see I have already completed a hat and I am now working on a matching scarf. I am having so much fun!

February 14th
Happy Valentine's Day! I mad Ian a "mom inspired" breakfast. My mom used to make all kinds of themed breakfasts on holidays. My sister and I love it and Ian loved it too! He kept saying that he loved his valentine.
(I told you he loves his hat Grandma made!)

February 13th
I have always wanted to learn to knit or crochet, but I am definitely not that coordinated. My niece Rebekah was working on a scarf with a loom and my mom and I thought, we can do that! Although my nephew Justin says it is cheating LOL So my mom bought a set of looms at Walmart and here is her first project. Ian loves it!

February 12th
Here is a cocoa dispenser I made with my Cricut and a file from very talented Carla on the Cricut DS message board. I plan to take it to my MOMs group since I am supposed to bring Hot Chocolate on Friday. I might have to make a matching tea dispenser too.

February 11th
So, if you don't have a neti pot I suggest you go out and get one! What is a neti pot, you ask? It is a natural way to clean out your sinuses. I am getting a cold and I decided to bring out the neti pot. I have to admit that if feels strange, but it works wonders!!

February 10th
I had to share a picture of my new gadet for my printer. It is called a Continous Ink System (CIS). I bought mine on eBay, but they have a website too...Earth Ink Jet. You have a resorvoir outside of the printer that is refilled. The best thing is that it holds so much more ink that the regular cartridges...4oz vs. 1/2oz! It cost about $100, but you get about $800 worth of ink! I love it! (I guess I should have dusted the printer before taking the picture LOL)


  1. What a cool thing. I'm going to look into getting one of these. I use so much ink.

  2. Great hats. I never knew those looms were for that. Good job.

  3. I love the hats. The ink thing is pretty cool. I am going to show my husband this. Great job on the hot chocolate box. I need to make one for popcorn.

  4. I love weaving with those looms - we use them all the time

    cute hot choc dispenser - did you use DesignStudio to create that???? I love it.

  5. hey...love the post.. i was wondering do u still have the cutfile for the cocoa dispenser. i talk to carla and it is no longer avalible on the site if u do can i get it..my email is vanners9028@aol.com


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