Monday, June 1, 2009

May 24th-31st

May 31st
I hate making cards like this :( Our neighbor across the street passed away so I wanted to do something nice for the family. Under the circumstances I think it turned out nice.

May 30th
Happy Birthday Baby Jack! My second cousin had his 1st birthday party today! I cannot believe how much he has grown! He loved his yummy cake!

May 29th
Ian and I were invited to the Lincoln Clubhouse by our friends Chrystie and Emily. The kids had the best time. On our way out they were checking out the outdoor fireplace. I want to move to Lincoln Crossing just to swim at the Clubhouse!!!!

May 28th
Ian was busy in the playroom today building his own track for his trains. Not bad for a 2 year old!

May 27th
Look at our new toy! We have been wanting an outdoor kitchen for quite a while. Sean was going to build one himself, but I saw this setup at Costco. We love it! Our backyard is now complete! Anyone want to come over for a BBQ?!?!?!

May 26th
Sorry for the stock photo, but I always seem to forget to take pics when I am at the doctor's office. Today I had to get blood drawn to see how my thyroid levels are doing. Hopefully the doctor will call back in a timely fashion...not likely lol

May 25th
Here are Ian and Emily acting as door security at gymnastics. Actually I think Ian was actually trying to escape LOL

May 24th
Here is Ian in his bed with his "person". I asked him what his doll's name was and he said "person". I guess he doesn't get the naming concept yet :)


  1. Whats cookin I'll be right over.I want that cool set up for my backyard too. Your sympathy card turned out beautiful. I don't like making those kinds of cards either, but sometimes we just have to.
    Great pics.


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