Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 15th-19th

January 19th
I had this unfinished IKEA box sitting around my craft room FOREVER! I had no idea what to do with. Now that I have been organizing my craft room, I decided to decorate it. I actually got the idea from the gallery at scrapbook.com.
Now it holds all the little stuff that has been floating aimlessly around my room...adhesives, tools, markers, brads, punches, etc. I think it turned out pretty good.

January 18th
Today was Aunt Ruth's 91st birthday. Ian and I went over to wish her a happy birthday and have some yummy chocolate cake. When we got there Ian said "Happy Birthday" and Aunt Ruth said "Is today my birthday?" This after bugging my parents to eat the birthday cake for dinner LOL Gotta love her! Here she is blowing out her candle.

January 17th
My new addition to my craft room! I am so excited about this! I had peg board in the other craft room before I moved into the bigger room, but I wasn't sure if I was going to put it up again. Well I got the itch to organize up there so I decided to put it up. I LOVE it! All my Cricut cartridges are up and out of Ian's reach. (he likes to play with them when I am not looking). And I put the 12x12 trays back up too. My room feels so comfy now. I still have lots to do, but this is definitley a start!

January 16th
Laura, Madeline and Gloria came to visit us today. The kids had such a great time playing that Laura and I actually had some uninterrupted adult time! (with only a minor incident with markers on the playroom kitchen and family room wall! LOL) Here is a picture of the girls in the tutus that I bought them. Can you believe they didn't have tutus?!?!?! :)

January 15th
We went with Grandma to return something at Sears and look what they had out front! And of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to ride on one. Grandma said sometime we can go up to Aunt Millie's and ride one around her yard. Ian was very excited about that!

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