Friday, January 23, 2009

January 20th-23rd

January 23rd
We went to drop off a camera to Rebekah today and we got to spend sometime with both Rebekah and Justin. So, my mom suggested that I get a picture of all her grandkids together. Not bad for a first try! Ian had a great time with his cousins too.

January 22nd
I thought this was just the cutest picture! Sean has been working long hours and Ian has been missing him. So when Sean got home they were playing with Ian's train set. Sean laid down on the floor and Ian wanted to be close to his daddy, so he laid down next to him and just watched the trains go around.

January 21st
I has my MRI today. I was going to have one of the nurses take my picture while I was in the machine, but I left my camera in the waiting room with my mom. So after the (horribly noisy) MRI I ran out to the waiting room in my gown so my mom could take my pic. People must have thought I was crazy. LOL

January 20th
I have been pretty crafty lately! I decided to make my own bulletin board. Now don't look to close because my ribbon is anything but straight! But overall I think it turned out good. And once I get more stuff on it you won't even notice the imperfections...I hope! :)

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